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Breakit exposing our secrets


22 nov. 2023

Breakit interview! How it all started, the future of Marathon and one of our secret deal sourcing tricks

For us, it is exciting to share our progress, as well as our future goals. We are flattered by the attention and the kind words in the article. Well worth a read, the article covers bits and pieces from our current situation; our strong deal flow, that we are raising SEK 50-100 million next year, that we strive to acquire four companies per year going forward (we will see about that one - "quality over quantity" is our motto) and our origin story where we started with nothing but smiling faces.

In the interview, Breakit also exposes our "trick" where we check what WordPress versions companies use for their websites, to find the hidden gems... This works particularly well for us when we are searching for market leaders who in most cases don’t need to put any effort into marketing their products. But don’t worry, we have plenty of deal sourcing tricks up our sleeves which are still Marathon secrets - The best ones are yet to be revealed!

This, combined with a stable investment platform and a proven way of working with our companies over time, makes us look forward to continuing to add more members to the Marathon family and continuing on the journey toward our next big milestone, an IPO, within the next 3-5 years. 

We love talking to everyone interested in our operations or what life is like as part of our group. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Read the full article on Breakit (paywall)

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