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Big news: new investors and partnership with Keeros


12 apr. 2024

Great article in Dagens Industri covering our recent financing and about the partnership with Keeros

Marathon has taken some big steps recently. We have partnered with Keeros, a software company with solutions for financial B2B lenders, primarily within operational financing and factoring. We are happy that Di has reported about this in an article today.

Keeros is the first fintech company we partner with and we are excited about what we can do together. More about that in a separate post!

We also have a couple of new investors to join our ranks - a few of them are mentioned in the article. The largest new investor is Hampton River Partners, based in Austin, Texas, with Matthew Morris who has joined our Board of Directors. Hampton River Partners is now our largest investor and we are working closely with them to level up our operations. The article also mentions Meltwaters' previous CEO Niklas de Besche, Henrik Lepasoon known as founder of the software company Stratsys, and Jan Sipek who has founded Climber Group. We now have a really great investor base with lots of entrepreneurs and professional investors who are all very helpful to our journey and those of our companies.

Di also describes how we have received SEK 110 million of new funding (it was a bit more, but who is counting) and how we are now at a turnover of SEK 100 million (it is actually SEK 110 million...). The numbers are not that important, but this means that we are now able to focus on developing our companies and finding new companies to add to our group. The addition of Keeros also puts us slightly ahead of our plan for the coming years. Good times!

We are happy that Di also picked up on some of our operational details - working with our companies is what we enjoy the most. That we don't want to over-manage our companies, but value their freedom, and that most of our companies have chosen to move in with us at one of our offices.

Read the full article in Di (paywall)

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