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Partnering with Keeros


19 apr. 2024

Keeros enters the Marathon group as the first Fintech company and is a platform for further growth within software for B2B lenders.

Keeros is a fintech company with a software for B2B lenders providing invoice financing, accounts receivable management, and lending. We started discussions with Henrik and Krister, who founded Keeros, during the fall and were impressed by their solution. We saw touchpoints with our existing group of companies, but it was the potential to build more products for their existing customer groups and to expand beyond Sweden, that made us excited. We believe Keeros is the most complete and tried solution in the market today. Technically complete, with the right integrations, but with high ambitions to build more.

In our discussions, it quickly aligned around how Keeros could improve and expand with the help of Marathon. The business plan we worked out together contains both increasing the organization, increasing the pace of technology development, and expanding through new sales.

Marathon partners with Keeros as its' new main investor. Henrik and Krister will remain as owners and will continue to run the company. Both Krister and Henrik are the rare combination of being both seasoned businessmen and developers. What makes them even more unusual, compared to the entrepreneurs we typically meet, is that they had been through a company transaction before. With this background they knew what they wanted - and what they didn't want.

We felt Krister and Henrik would fit well with the culture within Marathon where our CEOs and management teams value their independence, but appreciate the support of the group. At Marathon, we don't want to turn able management teams into mindless middle management, remote controlled from a distant mothership. We want them to continue to run their companies, but with a lighter stride and with a higher pace, through the support we provide. We will not stand in their way to serve B2B lenders with software solutions to manage and improve their lending operations, but work closely with them to level up.

We are confident that this partnership is a great match and great things will follow. We are also very happy to focus on the business and the plan ahead, now that the paperwork is taken care of.

The happy first moments of our partnership Left: Krister Keskitalo, center: Johanna Hamrefält, right: Henrik Rosvall

Official press release (in Swedish):

Pressrealease - Keeros i strategiskt partnerskap med Marathon
Download PDF • 3.13MB

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