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Marathon Software develops niche software companies


What we do

We are investors, passionate about developing small software companies and making good companies even better.

The companies we work with are digitalizing their customers - and we help them succeed.

We believe a good owner is one who truly understands and works with their companies with a long-term perspective. That is why we contribute with operational support and are investing without an end date. Preferably in a joint journey where key individuals are with us as minority owners.

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What we believe in

Video about Marathon

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Erik Hasselberg,
Login Hasselberg

“Marathon has been supportive and great to deal with. We enjoy being in their circle. They have helped us gain even better momentum in technology development and take important steps towards new products and markets."

Helena Folcker,

"To us at, discussing ideas and initiatives with Marathon has been an important part in leveling up the company.

Their competence and network has been crucial for us and they are also very nice to work with!"

Göran Gustafsson,

"Marathon has contributed with great commitment, combined with sharp analytical skills. They have also helped us expand our organization and contributed with competence where we need it the most, partly through leveraging their vast network."

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